1  the last vestiges
2  a dreg of red
3  your smile a stone, shattering my breath  
4  dips and proclivities                                           mp3
5  more than a simple shoreline  
6  landscape faux-naïf  
7  sheets surfacing like an ocean
8  space usually given over to knives
9  her hair a dark river, and in its depths
    ghosts and goblins                                          mp3
10 no trace of food, or grief
11 four small rooms
12 marche b2
13 2300 skiddoo  
14 heavy lace  
15 of water plants and figurines  
16 sand melody
17 windows composing trees                                 mp3
18 beyond which the blue trembles

all music - achim kaufmann (gema)
except 2300 skiddoo by herbie nichols

recorded 2003/04 Amsterdam (Dick Lucas), Duisburg (Frank Gratkowski),
Cologne (Wolfgang Stach)
artwork by Gabriele Guenther
released as Leo Records LR 409

download / order physical cd on bandcamp

liner notes by Greg Buium
press quotes
knives cover
achim kaufmann