Achim Kaufmann - knives (solo piano) - Leo Records 409

To me, solo piano means playing "the whole piano", all registers, two independent hands, pedals, the strings and insides. All these aspects were equally important to me, so I was preparing the disc while practicing in different directions.
I was working on a solo language. Of course I had ideas in my head that I wanted to deepen. Rhythmical independence fascinates me; as for playing inside the piano, I was thinking in terms of different sounds that "speak", in conjunction with sensitivity to silence and rhythmic/dynamic movements. I wanted to integrate these sounds into more "coventional" playing on the keys. In a way, I am interested in transcending the piano's restrictions - the rigid pitch system, the apparent impossibility to do a crescendo on a note or chord. Playing inside helps me overcome these restrictions, it brings me closer to the idea of actually having a string instrument at hand.
On the other extreme, I also like to emphasize the rigidity - the idea of a giant "music box". I find Nancarrow's studies for player piano very inspiring.

                                                from an e-mail interview with Daniel Varela (2006)