gueuledeloup quartet

                                Michael Moore - clarinet, bass clarinet, alto saxophone
                                        Henning Sieverts - acoustic bass, cello
        John Hollenbeck - drums, percussion      
                           Achim Kaufmann - piano

 The quartet has been in existence since
 1998. Its first edition which released    
 double exposure
on Leo Records in
 2000 had John Schröder on guitar and
 bass guitar.
 Currently, Henning Sieverts plays cello and
 upright bass. That second edition recorded  
 gueuledeloup (released
 by the Montreal-based
 Red Toucan label in 2002).

 Over the years, the quartet has been
 touring regularly in Europe and
 performed at the 2001 Europa
 Jazz Festival du Mans (France),
 the 2002 Guimarães Jazz Festival
 in Portugal, and the 2002 Jazz Art in
 the Rhineland region  ("New Music
 for the 21st Century").

From the press text for Leo Records double exposure:

The quartet Double Exposure  creates multi-layered musical images, displaying a seldom-heard sensitivity to sound and dynamics. As each member of the band is a textural player as well as a master of the improvised line, a rare balance is achieved in the compositions which often bring together seemingly divergent stylistic ideas. Improvisation and composition meet on a plane where it is hard to tell where one begins and the other ends.  A concert performance of Double Exposure  leaves you mystified by its contrasting moods, melodic bizarreness, austere lyricism, outlandish grooves, but also by its playfulness and humor.

                        here are some press quotes