gueuledeloup    Red Toucan  RT 9319

"…some of the most inventive modern jazz on the globe… The gist of this group's magic resides within its noticeable ability to meld elements of the free zone with tenderly executed dreamscape type passages…  A superb outing indeed!"                                                                                                                                         

Glenn Astarita,

"Ce jeune homme est hors modes. Sa musique prend le temps de se développer, de respirer, de faire des détours et de nous reprendre au vol. Elle parle."          
Alex Dutilh, Jazzman magazine (F)

"Kaufmann creates avant-jazz of a spacious and dissonant-yet-melodic sort, full of complex and angular lines and rhythms. Moore's clarinet and Sieverts' arco work tend to give the music a contemporary classical flavor. Hollenbeck's timbral inventiveness -- with mallets, glockenspiel, and other subtle effects as well as drums -- is a tremendous asset."    
David R.Adler. The All Music Guide

double exposure   Leo  LR 289

"Michael Moore is in peak form and perfectly suited to the pianist's style…The eight tunes never tire, in part because of the diversity but also due to the fascinating angular lines of Kaufmann who occupies that gray area between in and out genres. Like a modern-day Mingus, Kaufmann knows how to use his sidemen to key advantage."
Steven Loewy, The All Music Guide to Jazz (rating:4 1/2 stars)

"From the outset, we are blown away by the dynamism, the power, coherence and virtuosity of the music of the German pianist Achim Kaufmann. Tremendously well conceived and well played, vigorous, bouncy, this music very skilfully knows how to balance between the extremes…"                                                                    
Jean Buzelin, Jazzman (France)

"Throughout, the band spews forth a quiet storm via bubbly melodies, burgeoning rhythms, and inventive soloing. Essentially, Kaufmann shines as a young stylist who possesses an exceptional compositional pen as these works impart a lasting impression. Hence, Double Exposure is among the finest and most refreshing modern jazz releases of 2000. Highly recommended!"                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Glenn Astarita,

"Harmonically, that Bartók connection is significant, bringing extraordinary coherence to the many compositional games Kaufmann plays with pitch sets, while the pianist's exposure to the intricacies of M-Base provides his music with a sense of rhythmic structure too often lacking in today's progressive jazz. Certainly a name to look out for in years to come. Leo Feigin strikes gold again." 
Dan Warburton,

"The mystical and dense flow of the music was captivating. (…) The quartet's pieces are often like impressionistic dreamscapes that appear from nowhere, in which anything is possible - from Erik Satie to a New York downtown sound. The clarinet and piano's terse ironic phrases played almost in unison meld with quirky sound explorations by bass and glockenspiel. They are as surprising as their swinging interludes and the orgiastic rampages. (…) Keep your eyes and ears peeled for another performance by these four masters.   
Peter Bastian,  Badische Neueste Nachrichten (Germany)