Achim Kaufmann/Mark Dresser/Harris Eisenstadt

Starmelodics (Dresser)
Fifteen Languages (K/D/E)
Vancouver (Eisenstadt)
Birdz (Kaufmann)
FLAC (Dresser)
Sigma (K/D/E)
Qualtinger (Kaufmann)
Seattle (Eisenstadt)
Myth (K/D/E)

Achim Kaufmann - piano
Mark Dresser - double bass
Harris Eisenstadt - drums, percussion

recorded by Michael Brorby at Acoustic Recording, Brooklyn, NY
May 2008
artwork by Sevan Melikyan
nuscope CD 1021

"Eisenstadt remains one of the most logical percussionists around, perennially suspended between mathematical clarity and imaginative propulsion, while Dresser paints geometric figurations and infinitesimal dashes with the methodical wisdom of a sage; but it's Kaufmann's translucent, discriminating intersections that leave the biggest mark here, a mixture of mature nostalgia and the lucid representation of life elapsing."
Massimo Ricci, Paris Transatlantic