kaufmann - gratkowski - dejoode

some lanes
a destination farther                    

on the cold, terrified                     
storeys above
the ranks
the heart of all
in the face
Frank Gratkowski - clarinet, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet, alto saxophone
Achim Kaufmann - piano
Wilbert de Joode - bass

all music by Kaufmann-Gratkowski-deJoode

recorded in concert at Jubez (Karlsruhe), Loft (Cologne), Kulturni centar Rex (Belgrade)   May/June 2006
Karlsruhe tracks produced by SWR
artwork by Gabriele Guenther
Leo Records LR 504

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"It's like the three musicians are channelling themselves through the same default sound - a strikingly original opening gambit to a savvy hour of improvised music."                       Philip Clark, The Wire, February 08

"From hot, Dolphy-esque cascades to piano-roll pointillism, to unresolved twelve-tone tales, its improvised chamber music of the highest order."                                                                          Clifford Allen, Signal to Noise
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