"Roadside, for instance, begins quietly with Kaufmann's insistently repeated motif, Moore's counter-figure on melodica and van der Schyff's cymbal slashes; the tension keeps building, until finally Moore switches to alto for a moment of relief. It's an admirable display of the trio's ability to smoothly go from a barely perceptible tempo to frenzy and back in a short space of time. Kaufmann and van der Schyff are in excellent form, and Moore in particular is outstanding: his playing has never received the plaudits it deserves (an occupational Clusone hazard of being the relative calm between hurricanes Han and Ernst), but his work here is absolutely stunning: listen to how, at the end of  Corybant, he takes the melody apart in a Lacy-like manner, or to his Jimmy Giuffre-like clarinet on tracks like Ghosts at the Foot and Cuk."                    www.paristransatlantic.com                        

"As a trio, they have enough space to maximize the effect of small details of dynamics and timbre; yet, in the more robust passages, they have a satisfyingly full sound. Additionally, their respective sensibilities as improvisers coalesce very well. (...)
Referencing Moores co-op trio with Fred Hersch and Gerry Hemingway, it is tempting to call this trio 13 Additional Ways of Looking at a Blackbird. But, the truth is that they far more than 13."                                Bill Shoemaker, www.pointofdeparture.org